Rail freight
Rail freight
Rail freight

Advantages of transporting by rail:

• the possibility of transporting goods at lower costs
• the ability to transport a lot of cargo at the same time
• the possibility of transporting large loads (occupying more than 120 m³)
• safety and the ability to transport various types of cargo, at any time of the year

Services provided:

• cargo transportation to/from the railway freight station
• transportation of full and partial loads
• delivery of oversized cargo
• storage of goods and their preparation for further transportation
• cargo reloading to/from different vehicles
• clearance of cargo documents
• representing clients at customs, railway stations
• consulting on freight transportation by rail
• multimodal transportation

When transporting large-volume cargo over long distances, rail transport is one of the competitive means of freight transportation. Transportation costs, compared to road transport, are reduced by up to 30%.

Cargo is transported by rail in covered wagons, semi-wagons, platforms, tank wagons, birail wagons, refrigerated wagons, 3 t, 5 t, 20 t, 40 t containers. Often, cargo that is oversized in road transport is considered normal in rail transport, which is an opportunity to transport oversized cargo at lower costs.

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